New affiliates in Uruguay and Bolivia

Focusing on the growth of our clients, in 2017 we complemented our network of affiliates in the Southern Cone with the bringing on board of QUATROMANOS, a leading corporate communication company in Uruguay, and Rodríguez & Baudoin, the number one public affairs and communication consultancy company in Bolivia with a career path stretching back fifteen years.

In nineteen years we have created the largest office network of the sector in Latin America. Our Latin American operations contribute 61% of total turnover and we expect this percentage to rise to 63% within the next two years.

This has greatly helped us to become one of the most important communications’ companies worldwide. We are ranked no.51 in terms of worldwide income in accordance with the Global Agency Business Report 2017 of PRWeek and we are ranked 57th on the Global Ranking 2017 drawn up by The Holmes.

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