Our ideas’ platform for leadership increases its scope

Developing Ideas has consolidated as an independent think tank for taking decisions which grows every year, bringing on board new international collaborators and providing new publications for the analysis of the current state of affairs and communications’ trends.

We have expanded our contents’ dissemination network, including specialized media such as The Diplomat and Extradigital.es and the British institution The Canning House, a leading reference forum for the discussion of political, economic and business themes involving the UK, Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Our collection of publications for 2017 is made up of fifty five reports, articles and studies, four regional reports, three issues of the UNO Magazine and the latest book going to make up the “Reputation” series, Reputación y Valor Añadido (Reputation and Added Value).

We would highlight the report by Joan Navarro, the vice-chairman of Public Affairs, and Nacho Corredor, a senior consultant in the area, about the independence of Catalonia which generated more than eight thousand hits, a record for the platform.

One of the improvements we apply in the creation processes is the digitalization of the contents of the Desarrollando Ideas site, thereby responding to the current context of information consumption and the promotion of sustainability in knowledge creation.

It was also a year of acknowledgement as the UNO Magazine won the silver award under the “House Organ” category at the International Business Awards.

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