Brand journalism to hook up to lobbies


Inside Repsol is a relationship and digital contents platform created and aligned with the corporate narrative of Repsol to bring closer the reality of the company to its lobbies, relating with them and attaining communication goals in the conversation territories.

The key, telling stories with real protagonists, associated with the present day and told in an intimate way, leaving aside any corporate discourse.

In this way, clients, shareholders, employees and partners become Brand ambassadors, sharing stories that they value and with which they identify.

2017 saw the publication of more than 80 stories in Spanish and English which have had more than 35,000 hits by 29,000 users. On social networks, the results have been extremely positive, and a high level of engagement has been achieved with the community of followers of Repsol: on Twitter, more than 20,000 interactions reaching more than 500,000 users; on Facebook, more than 32,000 shares reaching more than 3,000 users.

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