Milestones for our clients

Driven on by the idea that the art of communication can make society move forwards, we have worked on various projects which have put forward major challenges which have required effort, dedication and work alongside our 600 clients. This is a selection of the most prominent cases we have dealt with.

We have gone viral with the best musical talent

EDP Brazil

A Branded Content action to impact new communities

Aliseda Inmobiliaria

Institutional relationship which raises reputation in a competitive environment


Record results in a Christmas campaign applying Brand PR


The first exhibition focused on a color for a mythical brand

Coca-Cola Spain

Brand journalism to hook up to lobbies


Social commitment as a generator of value and engagement


Launch in Spain of a brand which is globally worshipped


The largest flotation of a Savings’ Bank in Spain


An anniversary as a strategy for corporate license


An influencer marketing strategy to strengthen a corporate brand

Backus AB InBev

The success of a webserie about road safety and responsible driving


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