Corporate University

There are an increasing number of professionals who identify with what we do, why we do it and how we hook up to the trends of our profession. One of the values that sets LLORENTE & CUENCA apart is the excellence in the whole trajectory that we develop with the client, from advice on strategy to the operating implementation we set forth. To make this possible, in the sector of professional services it is vital to combine experience with know-how.

To meet this need, this year we have set in motion the Corporate University of LLORENTE & CUENCA. This new structure seeks to raise up and organize all the training plans of the firm, channeling them and making them available to all the teams in blended formats (in person and virtual) with agreements with Business Schools for certification in co-branded programs.

All these endeavors are carried out by people for people and this is part of our way of understanding talent, working to generate a competitive work space which is humble, demanding and close, in which people enjoy their profession.

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