Development of our management team

The fruit of the promotion of our team and of recruitments has become clear, particularly in the advancements in the most relevant positions.

In 2017 we have filled 32 executive vacancies which are in line with our growth and expansion plans.

This includes the 13 taken on by colleagues who had already been turning in excellent performances in the company. And they have been joined by 19 top rate professionals. These reinforcements impact the strategy lines characterized by our Strategic Plan.

We have highlighted some of them in this regard:

Within the framework of strengthening our corporate structure:

Alejandro Romero assumes the post of CEO for the Americas, including the United States in his management, focused until now on Latin America.

Carmen Gómez has become our Senior Corporate Management Director.

Juan Pablo Ocaña has come on board as the Legal & Compliance Director.

Within our strategy to consolidate a structure by regions:

Our Partner Luisa García has become the new COO for Latin America.

Juan Carlos Gozzer has taken on the duties of the new Innovation Manager for the Southern Cone and Andean regions.

Carlos Fernández has joined the company as the Regional Financial Director for the Southern Cone, based in São Paulo.

In the development of our operations:

Bernardo Quintana joined the project as the CEO in our Mexico operation.

Francisco Aylwin joined as the CEO of our operations in Santiago de Chile.

Mariano Vila was promoted as the Managing Director in Buenos Aires.

Rogelio Blanco was promoted to Managing Director of the Mexico operation.

Juan Arteaga was promoted to Managing Director of the Mexico operation.

Cleber Martins joined as the new Managing Director in Brazil.

To strengthen our line of work within the specialist fields:

Consumer Engagement Area:

Carolina Cortés was promoted to Senior Director of the specialist area in Bogotá.

Fernando García joined as the Senior Director of the office in Brazil.

María Emilia Marta has joined to lead the area in Buenos Aires.

Corporate Finance and Crisis Areas:

Christian Vargas joined as the Senior Director in Mexico.

Andrea Lie Iwamizu joined as the Senior Director in Brazil.

Public Affairs area:

Arie Ellstein joined as the Senior Director of the specialist area in Mexico.

Luz Angela Sánchez joined as the Senior Director in Bogotá.

Development of lines of work within the specialist areas:

Meritxell Pérez, Head of Investor Relations within Corporate Finance in the Madrid operation.

Carlos Magro, the Brand Director in the Consumer Engagement area of the Madrid operation.

And in the creation of our new work focus on Major Clients:

We have brought on board Emigdio Rojas, as the Senior Director and Client Leader, in our Miami operation.

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