Growth and Staff Turnover

The goals we set when drawing up the Strategic Plan 2017-2019 included an aspect which also exemplifies our commitment to in-house Talent. Consultancies are an excellent quarry for the training and development of top level professionals. Our unwanted turnover ratios are high compared with the average of the teams of the clients for whom we work.

2017 has a been a year in which we have reduced global turnover by 6%. This improvement has been the upshot of the trust of everyone who works at the Firm and the endeavor made by the company to adapt its policies to the expectations of our teams. Undoubtedly, this has had a positive impact on our competitiveness and will bring major benefits to our clients in 2018.

At the same time, we have increased and enriched our Talent, recruiting 144 professionals.

We feel fulfilled when we see that many young people see us an excellent school which offers an environment suitable for their development. At the same time, it makes us happy to see that older people also choose us because they share our vision, they want to work surrounded by workmates who are passionate about their profession, who inspire and who have the firm belief that the Company participates in challenging, stimulating projects in very diverse fields of communication and public affairs.

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