Commitment to in-house talent and our professional partners’ model

This vision of Talent as a strategic mainstay forms part of our model in integral fashion. We have found a good example in our system of professional partners which we have been strengthening for over a decade. And, in this regard, in 2017 we are very pleased to have brought on board as a partner María Esteve, the managing director of our operation in Colombia.

Her leadership, in the space of just three years, has positioned our Firm as one of the top three in the country. María stands out for her twofold approach, business and consulting, which enables her to achieve flexibility and assertiveness in terms of the design of customized solutions for our clients who recognize in her a top level strategic advisor, a knowledge which she also conveys to the team, making it grow and develop.

Within this way of understanding the organization, each professional who works at the Firm is a candidate to becoming a partner. Their career evolution in the company reveals the validity of this approach. It entails the confirmation of our promise of value as an employer at the same time as strengthening the quality of the services and solutions we offer our clients.

In 2017 we promoted 20% of our permanent staff. 100 professionals from different geographic areas and specialist fields were granted the trust and support of everyone in a decisive commitment to their trajectory in the company.

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