Weighing up a client-centric year

Weighing up 2017, we can assert that it has been a year in which we have been greatly focused on our clients, and that’s the way it should be. The disruption we have experienced in recent years requires sophisticated, effective responses and, to be ready for it, we have responded by investing in the best talent on the market, creating an organizational culture adapted to innovative, state-of-the-art communication and providing new solutions and tools. And this has all been with one objective, the success of our clients.

During these months we have consolidated the bases of our Strategic Plan 2017-2019 Client-centric. 36 action programs have been defined and started up which seek to improve our processes to design the company of the future. These programs respond to several mainstays of the business: operations and geographies; specialized areas; quality and results; company integration; finance and M&A; talent; positioning and sustainability; digital transformation and innovation. There are more than 120 professionals involved and committed to the development and implementation of the Plan.

Our results have allowed us to integrate more than 144 professionals and strengthen the organizational structure in America, incorporating a new management in Brazil and in Chile, strengthening the management team in Colombia and boosting our project in the US.

To be client-centric, the talent has to stand out. Having brilliant professionals allows us to provide results to our clients, which is the lifeblood of our work.

In the field of the specialist areas, the appraisal has been positive too. We have been similar to global trends, creating new solutions and tools for digital transformation, linked to the areas of Crisis, Public Affairs and Organizations and People, in the main.

In the context of crisis communication, we have launched SOS Works with Noysi and in Public Affairs we have designed a new model for accessing information which enables us to offer intelligence to take speedier decisions for the problems that the client presents to us; it involves the Analys-in app.

We are facing 2018 with new challenges ahead of us, driven on, expectant and with a clear goal, our clients.

We believe in listening as the start of the process to understand the needs and be able to respond. This practice has given rise to People, an employee engagement tool, which enables companies to drive forward their reputation and employer brand through their professionals.

On the other hand, we consider communication as a process and, as such, we must work by viewing it as something flexible. In this regard, we have made our Risk and Opportunities Chart more sophisticated, crossing it with that of stakeholders to better understand the context and react beforehand and better.

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